Llama Noodle Plush Toy

Llama Noodle Plush Toy

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Give your pup a soft & durable llama noodle!  Our plush toy features a mop-like texture that is floppy & fun to chew on for your pup! 

Designed with environmentally friendly materials & chew guard technology for durability with touch lining to last longer than your standard plush toy. 

Whether your fur baby likes to cuddle up with the Llama or play a game of fetch, our Llama noodle toy will be there to keep them company.

  • Durable plush toy made by bonding climbing rope with non-toxic polymer.
  • Features textured mop-like nubby material that is floppy and fun to chew on for your pup.
  • Made with Chew Guard Technology for durability with tough lining to last longer than standard plush toys.
  • Includes a puncture-proof squeaker to stand up to rough play.
  • Ideal for a game of fetch and soft enough to cuddle up with.  

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